2019 Uppababy Minu Review

dad pushing Uppababy Minu travel stroller in park

The 2019 Uppababy Minu Review covers an amazingly lightweight and compact stroller. It is their first lightweight, non-umbrella stroller and has quickly become one of our favorite strollers on the market. Weighing in at 14.8 lbs and carrying kids up to 50 lbs, the Minu offers parents a very lightweight and comfortable stroller option for travel and everyday use. 

The Pros:

  • This Uppababy stroller is very lightweight and fits in the overhead compartment of most airlines
  • Accommodates taller kids than other compact strollers
  • Options to use from birth with Uppababy infant car seat adapters and bassinet kit
  • Large and easily accessible under seat basket
  • One handed fold
  • Easy recline and raising it back up
  • Solid construction
  • All wheel suspension
  • Large UPF 50 canopy
  • Covered by the Uppababy Extend warranty

The Cons:

  • Folds a bit larger than other comparable strollers
  • The leg rest is not adjustable
  • It comes with a dust bag, but the stroller travel bag and rain cover are additional
  • You have to remove the wheels for it to fit in the travel bag

The Minu is Perfect for:

  • Families who travel a lot and want a solid, comfortable stroller perfect for on-the-go naps
  • City dwellers and those living in smaller spaces
  • Families who want great features, but don’t want a full-size stroller
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Father and daughter test the Minu in our Uppababy stroller review

Who can use the stroller?

The Minu can be used starting at 3 months, and from birth with their “from birth kit” which transforms the stroller into a lay flat bassinet set up. One thing that is so amazing about the Uppababy bassinet set up is that you can still use the harness so your baby stays secure and comfortable as you stroll around and doesn’t roll around unintentionally. The stroller can accommodate toddlers up to 50 lbs, which is 10 lbs more than the Yoyo and the Ergo Metro; and 5-6 lbs more than the City Tour and Mountain Buggy Nano.

Overall size + weight

The Minu weighs 14.8 lbs and can fit in the overhead bins of most airlines and the trunks of even the smallest cars. Folded dimensions are 11.5″L x 20.5″W x 23″H. For such a lightweight stroller we wish it folded up just slightly smaller so it was more comparable to the folded Yoyo size. 

Unfolded it measures 35.5″L x 20.5″W x 41″H. The Minu is one of the taller compact strollers on the market, but still comfortable for shorter users. 

leather covered handlebar of the Uppababy infant stroller, Minu.

Handlebar design & positioning

While the handlebar is not adjustable like other Uppababy models, it is positioned at 41”, making it a much more comfortable push for taller parents. No other compact strollers offer adjustable handlebars, so this design is in line with the category. The handlebar has rounded corners, and a flat handle covered in soft leather. The button for folding the stroller is placed in the center of the handlebar but does not really get in the way as the handlebar is 16.7” wide. The button is 3 3/4″ wide. The Minu is very comfortable to push. 


When the Minu is folded closed it has a built-in padded shoulder strap that you can sling over your shoulder to walk up a flight of stairs or as you board your plane. There is also a handle that helps easily load it into the back of your car or wherever you store it. 

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Quality & Design

The Minu is a very solid compact stroller and easily passes our very official wiggle test (where we hold the handlebar and shake it back and forth). The aluminum frame creates a very sturdy, yet lightweight base for the stroller that allows for little wiggle room as you are strolling around.  

Design wise, this is a sleek and high-end looking stroller. The thickness of the frame visually implies a sturdy and safe environment for your child (while the construction confirms it). The design does not have visual breakpoints where the stroller folds, which adds to the solid overall design. The fabric is soft and comfortable so your baby can happily spend time in as you are out strolling. 

Uppababy travel stroller exploring a marina

The stroller comes in 4 bold, gender-neutral colors – Devin (light grey), Denny (red), Jake (black), Jordan (charcoal), and Ryan (teal). While the Uppababy colors are gender neutral, I wish all the names fit that bill. Taylor or Alex anyone? The color combinations are heathered (except Jake), which helps keep the fabric looking fresh. 

While we cannot speak to the long term durability of the stroller as it just came out at the end of 2018, we have been thoroughly impressed with how it has held up in the few months of testing. We are extremely hard on strollers, and it has not broken down in any way since we’ve been using it. The stroller is covered under a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can expect it to last well beyond that time frame. 


The Minu is very easy to push and doesn’t take much effort to stop or start moving. You can easily make turns and the small footprint makes it a breeze for navigating tight spaces or crowded streets. 

The plastic wheels on the Minu are small but feature shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension that helps create a smoother ride. The back wheels are 7 inches and the front are 5 inches and feature foam filled tires so they don’t ever go flat. While the Uppababy wheels are on the smaller side in the grand scheme of strollers, they are in line with their category. The stroller is best on flat and mostly flat surfaces and it will struggle on loose gravel.

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Brake System

The Minu features a very intuitive and flip-flop friendly brake system. To activate the brake, step on the red lever on the back right wheel. To unlock the brake, step on the green lever on the back left wheel. It is really as easy as that. 

Pop out canopy extension on Uppababy Minu travel stroller
A pop-out canopy extension adds extra sun protection when needed and easily pops back when it is not.
Mesh peekaboo window on the Uppababy Minu compact stroller
A mesh peekaboo window allows parents to check in on their babes while on-the-go.


The Minu features a large UPF 50 with Uppababy’s popular pop-out extension. The canopy also features a peekaboo window that opens and closes using magnets. The magnets allow you to peek in on a sleeping (or supposed to be sleeping) child without waking them. You can also roll the window flap up and secure it using the elastic ring and toggle. 

One of our favorite features of the canopy is how much taller it sits than other lightweight/travel strollers. This creates a much more inviting environment for tall toddlers and allows for more airflow.

easy basket access from the back on the Uppababy Minu stroller

Basket + Storage 

Storage on all compact and travel strollers leave something to be desired. With that in mind, the Minu’s basket is one of the best we’ve seen for the category. One unique feature of this basket is that you can easily access it from both the back and front without anything blocking access, which can be useful if you have the seat reclined. The basket is shallow but wide. At 14” inches wide in the back and 11.5” inches wide in the front, you can easily fit diaper bags, groceries and anything else you want to carry along. The basket can hold up to 20 lbs. Another great feature of the basket is that there is a solid step on the front of it that empowers young climbers to get into the seat on their own. 

There is also a pocket on the back of the canopy for storing little odds and ends – extra binkies, sunglasses, etc. We personally like to use it to hold our phones that are often used for impromptu sound machines during on-the-go naps. The pocket can hold up to 1lb. 

Fold & Unfold

The Uppababy Minu is a single hand fold, making it easy to hold your babe in one hand and fold it with the other. First, activate the brake lock. Next, slide the back button to the right or left (great for right and left-handed users!), then press the forward button to activate the fold. Simply push the handlebar down and forward to fold. While it is always easier to have help, you can easily use this stroller solo. For those wishing to use the from birth kit, you can also fold your stroller with the kit still on which is really amazing. 

I do wish the lock was placed somewhere further down the stroller leg and didn’t allow so much give so it stays more tightly folded. 

The stroller is also relatively easy to unfold. Just release the lock and pull open. The unfold technically be done single-handedly but does work better with two hands. The stroller locks open so it won’t collapse on you or your baby.

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Seat Design & Comfort

The seat on the Minu is very comfortable for babies and toddlers. The fabric is soft and padded creating a nice environment for a day out and about. 

One thing we particularly like about the design of this adjustable Uppababy seat is how upright it can sit when all the way up. Many babes love to sit straight up so they can see everything going on around them and the Minu allows them to do it fully supported. 

The Uppababy sunshade keeps a toddler completely protected during her strolle ride

Harness + Buckle

The Minu has a 5-pt harness with padded shoulder straps. The straps are easily adjustable with a pull on the ends and can be set up at three different height points. Because the straps are so easily adjustable and comfortable, it is less likely your toddler will pull their arms out of the straps keeping your babe safely secured. One of our ambitious testers was still able to escape, but her arms stayed in much more often than when testing other models. If you have an older toddler who doesn’t need the 5-pt harness, the shoulder straps can unhook from the buckle so you only have the lowers.  

The buckle is one of the easiest to use buckles on the market. So easy that our 20-month-old tester can buckle herself in, and gets excited to help out. The buckle is a single press release. Simply push the button and both straps pop open. Despite our tester’s attempts, she isn’t able to open the buckle on her own. 


The seat design is pretty open which allows for more airflow around your babe, keeping them cool and comfortable. The canopy site much higher than other models in the category which also helps. While the peekaboo window technically allows some airflow in, I’m not convinced it’s big enough to make that much of a difference. Where I think the airflow gets really great is the back panel of the stroller when the seat is reclined. You can unsnap the fabric and roll it up so that it is completely open allowing for a lot of airflow around your sleeping babe. 

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Recline & Ease of Use

The Minu has a single hand recline and a two-hand raise. To recline simply press the buttons on both sides of the buckle and pull do your desired incline. 

The Minu features one of the easiest systems for raising the seat back that we’ve tested on lightweight/travel strollers. Most require you to press some sort of toggle and pull the straps making it difficult to rise all the way while under the weight of your child. With the Minu, simply grab the loop on each strap and pull in opposite directions. It can even be done under load. I wish all lightweight strollers would use this system.

The Minu can be positioned from 98° to 150°, allowing for a nearly flat napping surface. Our tester has comfortably taken many on-the-go naps in the stroller. 

Seat Measurements

Seat: 20.5” wide x 8.5” deep
Headrest height: 18″
Headroom height from seat base: 28”

The Minu has a fixed leg rest that measures 13” wide x 5.5” deep and is positioned at 140°. We do wish this was adjustable to make a flatter sleep surface. When we first started our trial of the stroller we anticipated this to be an issue, but it hasn’t been an issue at all. 


The heathered pattern does a great job concealing spills and random dirt. When you have a spill that is just too bad and needs to be washed, all fabric surfaces on the Minu are removable and can be cleaned. The manufacturer recommends spot or hand washing with cold water and mild detergent. We all know that babies and toddlers can be very messy, so we feel strongly that any fabric surface on a stroller should be machine washable. 

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Expansion Options & Versatility

The Uppababy Minu features a couple of expansion options including Uppababy car seat adapters and a from birth kit that both allow you to use the stroller with your newborn. Many Uppababy models have a compatible kickboard that your older toddler can use while you push a smaller babe, but the Minu does not have one available but we have our hopes up for one!  

Car Seat Adaptability

Uppababy infant car seat adapters seamlessly allow parents to transition their baby right from the car to strolling without waking a sleeping baby. Uppababy sells adapters so that you can use your Uppababy Mesa car seat as well as other Uppababy compatible car seats from Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex. The adapters are compatible with Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 and Mico AP; Nuna Pipa, Pipa Lite, and Pipa Lite LX; Cybex Aton, Aton 2, and Aton Q. Their latch system makes a for a quick and secure attachment. The adapters feature color-coded dots indicating which adapter goes on the left and right. You will need to remove the seat in order to use the car seat adapters.

The Uppababy Minu uses car seat adapters to cary the Uppababy mesa infant car seat.

From Birth Kit

The from birth kit transforms your Minu into a safe place for newborns up to 20 lbs. It features a large UPF 50 canopy that unzips for ventilation, an extendable sunshade, a removable and machine washable mattress, and a 5-pt harness. The stroller folds with the kit on the stroller base. You do have to release two buttons before you fold it, and then snap them once folded to keep all the fabric contained.

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Uppababy Customer Service & Warranty

Uppababy’s customer service and warranty options are pretty amazing. All new strollers come with a 2-year warranty and the option to extend for an additional year if you complete your Uppababy registration within 3-months of purchase and provide a valid proof of purchase through their UBXtend program. 

What we really are impressed with is their TravelSafe program. One of the biggest stresses when traveling is if the gear you spent a significant amount of money on will get damaged. You don’t want to bring along cheap gear you don’t care about and then have an uncomfortable baby, you want them in the same gear they use every day. The TravelSafe program solves this problem. If you use one of Uppababy’s travel bags and your stroller gets damaged during air travel, they will fix the damage or replace it! You do need to register both items before your departure, and your stroller has to be under the original warranty to qualify, but it is truly an amazing offering.

Uppababy Accessories

While the Minu is a very new stroller, Uppababy already has quite a few accessories for it. The Uppababy Minu comes with a dust bag, but they also sell a TravelSafe travel bag that is a more structured and padded backpack design. The Uppababy bag features a graphic of the folded stroller on the inside so you know exactly what direction to put it in the bag. You are required to remove the back wheels and store them in a smaller bag which is a little annoying. The bag is pretty pricey (list at $89.99) but does include enrollment in their TravelSafe program. 

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uppababy lightweight travel stroller with Minu rain cover. There is also a uppababy bassinet rain cover available.

There is a rain shield for both the from birth kit and the standard stroller. The rain shield keeps the rider dry and comfortable during even heavy rain. The Uppababy rain cover folds up relatively small and can be stored in the back pocket or basket. 

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When temps drop, babies can snuggle up in the Uppababy CozyGanoosh. It is a universal fit for all Uppababy strollers and features a plush, fleece interior to keep your little one warm (down to -20˚F/-29˚C) and protected from the elements. The Uppababy Ganoosh comes in five colors and is machine washable. 

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The Uppababy drink holder attaches to stroller handle
The Uppababy cupholder shown here on the Uppababy Vista stroller

The Uppababy Parent Organizer and Cup Holder both fit the Minu stroller. You could also easily get a universal organizer (like the SkipHop Grab & Go Organizer) as we find the back pocket a bit limiting on its own. 

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Two other accessories that Uppababy makes for its other stroller models that we are hoping they make compatible with the Minu are the snack tray and a kickboard. 

Dad and toddler use a Minu stroller for our Uppababy stroller reviews

About our models: Zoë is a 2-year-old girl who lives in New York City and loves to go for stroller rides with her dad, Jason. She is 36″ tall and weighs 27lbs. Jason is 6’3″.