Mountain Buggy Nano Review

Mom and son in the mountain buggy nano v2 stroller

The Mountain Buggy Nano review covers a great lightweight stroller that comes in at a mid-range price point. The Mountain Buggy Nano stroller offers parents the ability to use a single stroller from birth through toddlerhood with all the built-in and added accessories. Using the Mountain Buggy Nano for newborns is possible by using the built-in travel system or transitioning the stroller into a pram with the Mountain Buggy Nano Carrycot. Read on for our complete Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller review.

The Pros:

  • Compact stroller that fits in the overhead compartment of most airlines
  • 2-step, single hand unfold
  • Car seat compatible and does not need any separately purchased adapters
  • Features an affordable price point for a solid secondary or travel stroller
  • Nice napping surface with a decent recline and adjustable leg rest
  • Smooth stroll and easy maneuverability
  • Single continuous handlebar allows for single-handed pushing
  • Built-in ventilation for use in hot climates
  • Many accessories available from Mountain Buggy

The Cons:

  • No peekaboo window
  • Shorter handlebar which may be challenging for taller caregivers
  • Canopy rests on hands when collapsed
  • Rougher fabric that can only be spot cleaned
  • Three-step, two-handed fold (but it is easy to do)
  • Included travel bag does not protect the wheels unless you remove them.
  • Small canopy with no UPF protection

The Mountain Buggy Nano is perfect for:

  • This Mountain Buggy compact stroller is for families looking for a smooth ride and lightweight stroller
  • Families looking for a solid travel stroller with thoughtful features at an affordable price point
  • City dwellers and those living in smaller spaces
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mountain buggy nano v2 navigates neighborhood streets

Who can use the stroller?

The Nano travel stroller can be used from birth (with the addition of the cocoon or a car seat). The Mountain Buggy Nano weight limit is 44lbs. Newborns can safely ride in the stroller when converted to a Mountain Buggy Nano pram set up. A lay flat surface is created when paired with the cocoon. The carry handles and solid base allow parents to seamlessly secure and remove the cocoon when visiting areas that may not allow strollers without waking your baby. When used with the included seat, the stroller can accommodate riders from 6 months and older. 

Overall size + weight

The Mountain Buggy Nano stroller weight comes in at 13lbs and measures 22” x 12.2” x 20″ when folded. This compact fold allows the stroller to fit in the overhead compartments of most airlines. Unfolded the stroller measures 20” deep x 22″ wide x 38.5″tall. The Mountain Buggy compact stroller features one of the shorter handlebars so may be uncomfortable for taller users. 

Handlebar design & positioning

The handlebar is not adjustable and is positioned at 38.5”, making it easy to push for most parents. Parents over 6’2” may wish it was a little higher. No other compact strollers offer adjustable handlebars, so this design is in line with the category. The handlebar has rounded corners, and a flat handle covered in black foam making the Nano very comfortable to push. 

mountain nano stroller offers a roll up window for airflow

The Nano features a wrist strap that is more typically found on running strollers. Given Mountain Buggy began with a dad’s desire to design strollers with the all-terrain ability for mountain strolling, this should come as no surprise. The wrist strap on the Nano is multipurpose though. It should be used to help stop the stroller if it begins rolling away from you, but also to help keep the stroller canopy compactly folded.


When the Mountain Buggy Nano v2 stroller is folded closed it has a built-in shoulder strap that you can sling over your shoulder to walk up a flight of stairs or as you board your plane. The strap is adjustable and reaches a max length of 29” long. There is also a handle that helps easily load it into the back of your car or wherever you store it. 

Quality & Design

The Nano is a solid compact stroller option and passes our very official wiggle test (where we hold the handlebar and shake it back and forth). The aluminum frame creates a sturdy, yet lightweight base that allows for little wiggle room as you are strolling around.  

Design-wise, this is a relatively sleek looking stroller. The solid black frame design does not have visual breakpoints where the stroller folds. The fabric is a vinyl-coated nylon and relatively soft, although a bit noisy as your child moves around in it. However, riders all appear to be comfortable and happy strolling around. 

Mom and son use mountain nano buggy stroller

While the stroller seat and frame are both black, users can show a bit of personality with the canopy color. The standard canopy colors are black, ruby (red) and nautical (blue). Three limited edition patterns are currently available including Year of the Rooster, Year of the Dog and Year of the Pig. 

This Mountain Buggy Nano baby stroller was designed to be a travel stroller implying occasional use. However, many parents have decided to use the stroller as their primary stroller and report it holding up well to frequent use.


The Nano is very easy to push and doesn’t take much effort to stop or start moving. You can easily make turns and the small footprint makes it a breeze for navigating tight spaces or crowded streets. 

Mom and son use mountain nano v2 in neighborhood

The Mountain Buggy Nano wheels are 5.5” and features EVA tires. EVA tires are typically puncture-proof. The rear wheels are locked in place on the Nano, but the forward tires can rotate 360degrees for optimal maneuverability. The forward wheels can lock forward for better handling over slightly rough terrain. The back wheels feature rear wheel suspension to help absorb some of those bumps. Despite these great features you need remember this is not an all-terrain stroller (and wasn’t designed to be) so it will still have difficulty on very uneven surfaces. The stroller is best on flat and mostly flat surfaces and it will struggle on loose gravel. 

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Brake system

The Mountain Buggy wheels feature a very easy to use and flip-flop friendly brake system. The brake can be found on the right rear wheel. It’s color-coded – red to engage the brake, and blue to release it. I am not sure why they decided to use blue to “go” as opposed to green. To engage the brake simply step down on red portion and you will hear a click. To release the brake and start strolling, step down on the blue portion and you will hear the brake release. 

the brake on the mountain nano buggy 2016 are easy to use and flipflop friendly


The Nano features a relatively small canopy that lacks UPF protection. The Mountain Buggy Nano used to feature a mesh pop-out panel, but the new model has been updated to the same material as the rest of the canopy. The Mountain Buggy Nano canopy also lacks a peekaboo window making it more difficult for users to check in on their riders. However, the panel on the back of the seat does roll up, so parents technically can check in on their babies this way. The size of the Mountain Buggy Nano sun shade leaves a lot to be desired. It is quite small and doesn’t really protect riders very well. 

The mountain baby nano stroller features an easy to use buckle

Basket + Storage 

Storage on all compact and travel strollers leave something to be desired. With that in mind, the Nano’s basket is pretty good for the category. One great feature of this basket is that you can easily access it from both the back and front without anything blocking access, which can be useful if you have the seat reclined. Basket access in the back is 14” wide x 6 ¼” tall and 12” wide x 8 ¼” tall in the front. There is a bar across the back of the stroller that can be challenging at times, but you can still easily fit smaller diaper bags, toys, a few groceries or anything else you want to carry along. The basket can hold up to 11 lbs. Another great feature of the basket is that there is a solid step on the front of it that empowers young climbers to get into the seat on their own. 

Fold & Unfold

The Mountain Buggy Nano fold is one of the more complex in the compact stroller category. When you’re looking at the Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo, the fold is very similar. However, with the innovations in the compact stroller segment, we know it is now possible for strollers to feature a single-hand and one-step fold and believe that they all should be.

how to fold mountain buggy nano

The Nano requires a 2-3 step fold. To fold the stroller, you to press two buttons on the inside of the frame and fold the handlebar back towards you until you hear a click. Then you push the seatback away from you until the stroller collapses on itself. The final (and optional) step is to secure the canopy using the wrist strap to the bar under the seat. The strap has velcro to secure it to the bar. The stroller cannot be folded with the cocoon, so you will have to remove that first. 

The stroller is very easy to unfold. Just release the lock and pull open. The unfold technically be done single-handedly but does work better with two hands. The stroller locks open so it won’t collapse on you or your baby.

 mountain buggy 2016 nano stroller has a 5-pt harness

Seat Design & Comfort

The Nano seat is wide and deep enough to keep riders of all sizes quite comfortable. The fabric is a 200D polyester fabric. It appears a little plastic-like but riders don’t seem to mind. The seat is slightly padded. For additional padding, you can purchase a Mountain Buggy Nano seat liner separately. 

One thing we particularly like about the design of this adjustable Nano seat is how upright it can sit when all the way up. Many babes love to sit straight up so they can see everything going on around them and the Nano allows them to do it fully supported. 

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Harness & Buckle

The Mountain Buggy seat has a 5-pt harness with very lightly padded shoulder straps. The straps are easily adjustable and can be set up at three different height points. To adjust the straps, release the strap lock and pull to your desired size. To lock into place simply close the lock. Toddlers can easily get their arms out from the straps by sliding them out. 

mountain nano buggy harness

To lock the harness, you need to snap each of the four straps into the buckle strap separately. This creates a LOT of opportunities for your fussing toddler to wiggle their way out of the straps. We cannot see any reason these should be separate and believe they should combine the shoulder and waist straps so they can be snapped in with two steps instead of four.  m the buckle so you only have the lowers. To unlock the straps, press the big round button and pull each strap out of the buckle. 


The seat design is pretty open which allows for airflow around your babe, keeping them cool and comfortable. The back flap of the seat also rolls up revealing a large mesh window that air can flow through when the seat is upright or reclined. 

mountain buggy nano 2016 recline with the window open lets in airflow

Recline & Ease of Use

The Mountain Buggy Nano seat reclines with a single hand recline and can be raised with two. To recline simply press the toggle and pull do your desired incline. There are two ways to raise the seat on the Nano. One way is to press the toggle with one hand and pull the straps with the other. The other way is to grab the d-rings of each strap and pull away from each other. 

The Minu can be positioned from 104° to 142°, allowing for a comfortable napping surface. Our tester has comfortably taken many on-the-go naps in the stroller. 

mountain buggy travel stroller is good for on-the-go naps with the good recline and adjustable leg rest

Seat Measurements

Seat: 12.5 inches wide x 8 inches deep
Seat height: 17 ¼ inches
Headroom height from seat base: 26 ½ inches

The Nano features an adjustable leg rest that measures 13 ¼ inches wide x 6 inches deep. The leg rest adjusts from 115° to completely flat. The adjustable leg rest makes a much more comfortable napping surface for riders. 


The nano features 200D fabric that easily wipes cleans for most spills. Mountain Buggy suggests that if you get a really bad blow out of vomit situation to remove the fabric and hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. They advise against any machine washing. We all know that babies and toddlers can be very messy, so we feel strongly that any fabric surface on a stroller should be machine washable. 

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Expansion Options & Versatility

The Nano features a couple of expansion options including mountain buggy nano car seat compatibility and a Mountain Buggy nano newborn cocoon that both allow you to use the stroller with your newborn. You also have the option of adding an additional rider with the Freerider stroller board scooter. 

Car seat adaptability

The mountain buggy nano travel system is fully possible without the need for a mountain buggy nano car seat adapter. You’ll find a nearly universal car seat belt built into the stroller. Simply set your car seat facing you in the stroller with the Nano seatback reclined. Wrap the built-in belt around the car seat, placing the belt in the car seat belt slots and buckle. Once buckled take the included bungee cords and wrap them around the car seat handle and attach to the hooks on each side. This adds extra security for the car seat attachment. When not in use, the bungees can be stored in the under-seat pocket. 

Newborn Cocoon

The mountain buggy nano travel stroller can easily accommodate a baby from birth with the use of the newborn cocoon. The ultra-light (only 3.3lbs) lie-flat cocoon easily clips onto the stroller’s frame for a safe and secure space for your baby. To use the cocoon, unclip the seat back from the frame and lie completely flat. Next, place the cocoon on the seat rear-facing. Attach the clips on each side of the cocoon around the stroller frame. 

The cocoon features sturdy carry handles so you can seamlessly transition your baby from stroller to another surface. The canopy and zippered cover shield your baby from the sun and elements. 

Freerider Stroller Board

The Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board is one of the most genius concepts we’ve seen to add an extra rider to your stroller. This multifunctional board can be used as a ridealong stroller board when attached to your stroller and a scooter when it is not. The Freerider can accommodate toddlers up to 44lbs when used as a stroller board and up to 110 lbs as a scooter. 

To use as a stroller board flip the rear wheel down so that you can still turn the stroller easily. The board attaches to the stroller using an adapter on the rear axle of the stroller. The Freerider works with many stroller brands and is compatible with select models of Mountain Buggy, phil&teds, Britax, Baby Jogger and Bugaboo.

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Customer Service & Warranty

All Mountain Buggy products come with a 1-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Mountain Buggy will decide if the defect warrants a replacement or a fix. Warranty claims require you to ship your product to Mountain Buggy at your own expense which can end up being quite expensive. Mountain Buggy sells select replacement parts for the Nano including wheels, seat liners, gear tray basket, recline strap, sun hood fabric, car seat toggle bungees, Mountain Buggy nano bag, and the frame. 

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mountain buggy travel pram offers comfort and function for mom and rider

Available Mountain Buggy Nano Accessories

The Mountain Buggy Nano Weather Pack includes the Mountain Buggy Nano rain cover and mesh cover. The Mountain Buggy rain cover is water-resistant and protects riders from wind, rain, and snow. The mesh cover offers protection from light wind, sun, and bugs. 

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The Mountain Buggy Travel Bag isn’t specifically for the Nano, but it fits in the bag (along with many other supplies!). The bag features a durable base and wheels to help easily navigate through the airport with your gear. While the stroller is carry-on size, the bag offers extra protection for your stroller if you do decide to gate check or check it at the counter. Personally, we feel this is not the best travel bag for this stroller as it has been known to break quite easily and is way too large for the small size of the Nano.

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Mountain Buggy Nano Footmuff & Sleeping Bags create a warm and cozy environment for your babe when the temperature drops. They offer a standard sleeping bag and a luxury down version that are both compatible with all of their stroller models. 

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From stroller to fanny pack the Buggy Pouch Storage Bag gives you two bottle holders and a small zippered pouch for keys, wallets, and phones. The storage bag is compatible with all Mountain Buggy strollers.

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The Mountain Buggy Nano snack tray and grab bar make being out exploring for the day so much easier. Simply spread a few finger foods on the tray and let your baby go at it. The tray features a wide-open space and a drink holder. The bar can be used with or without the tray. The tray and grab bar must be removed to fold the stroller. 

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While the Bottle holder technically fits on the Nano, it was designed more for Mountain Buggy’s running strollers to keep hydration at your fingertips while you’re out on the trails. This may come in handy if you are using it for bottle-fed babies, but it is not insulated in any way. What would be more useful is a Mountain Buggy Nano cup holder!  

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Mountain Buggy Liners add extra cush for your little baby’s tush! They come in two styles –  Reversible and Lambswool – and make inevitable messes just a little easier to clean up. Both are hand washable. 

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The Mountain Buggy Umbrella & stroller parasol is one of the most versatile Mountain Buggy accessories. It features UPF 50 protection and “follow the sun” positioning where you can position it exactly as needed to keep your baby fully protected from the harsh sun rays. It can be used on all Mountain Buggy strollers and many other brands. It can also be used with the pod portable high chair. 

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The stroller mittens feature a soft fleece lining to keep your hands toasty warm when its anything but outside. The outside is made of a weatherproof and rip-stop nylon. You can use the mittens individually or zip them together as a hand muff. These work across all Mountain Buggy strollers as well as other brands. 

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